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Welcome here on Mooistestedentrips.nl, the only Dutch independent online platform about city trips. My name is Esther de Beer, I am a journalist and editor in The Netherlands. Pleased to meet you, I hope you will have a lot of fun reading my articles.

Since living in Salamanca, Spain, as a student and growing up near Antwerp, Belgium, I soon discovered I have a knack for cities. Once I became a journalist some editors pretty much noticed the same thing, as they would always send me on trips to bring back that unique city break experience for their readers. My notebooks were filled to the brim with great hotspots and hidden gem, but of course not all of them made it to the newspaper or magazine. Such a shame. And that’s why Mooistestedentrips.nl (which means ‘most beautiful city breaks’ in Dutch) was born. Here you’ll find complete CityGuides with highlights and hotspots, all you need to know for a city trip. But I will also excite your curiosity with articles about fun and unknown neighborhoods, activities and hidden gems. The majority of my articles is in Dutch, though I also have a little cozy corner for you: my English readers.

You can recognize my English article by the little Union Jack blurp in the left top corner of the first photo of the article. All my English written articles are unique, not translated from Dutch articles. 

If you feel like saying something about my blog posts or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a comment. If you have any questions about me or my blog or if you'd like to work with me, just send me a message.