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Welcome here on, the only Dutch independent online platform about city trips. The name translates into ‘the most beautiful city breaks’.

My name is Esther de Beer, I am a journalist and editor in The Netherlands. Pleased to meet you. Let me guide you through the most beautiful cities in Europe (and beyonds) and let me help you to plan some beautiful city breaks.

Since living in Salamanca, Spain, as a student and growing up near Antwerp, Belgium, I soon discovered I have a knack for cities. Once I became a journalist some editors pretty much noticed the same thing, as they would always send me on trips to bring back that unique city break experience for their readers. My notebooks were filled to the brim with great hotspots and hidden gem, but of course not all of them made it to the newspaper or magazine. Such a shame. And that’s why my website and blog were born.

Here you’ll find complete CityGuides with highlights and hotspots, all you need to know for a city trip. But I will also excite your curiosity with articles about fun and unknown neighborhoods, activities and hidden gems. The majority of my articles is in Dutch, though I also have a little cozy corner for you: my English readers.

You can recognize my English article by the little Union Jack blurp in the left top corner of the first photo of the article. All my English written articles are unique, not translated from Dutch articles. If you are interested in indepth travel information about The Netherlands, I highly recommend you hopping over to Your Dutch Guide.

If you feel like saying something about my blog posts or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment. If you have any questions about me or my blog or if you’d like to work with me, just send me a message.

English articles

  • Go to Rome, 7 travel hacks |
    English 7

    Top things to do in Rome: 7 travel hacks

    If I could pick only one city to see when visiting Europe, I would have to choose Rome (after a lot of arm twisting). Rome is one of ...

    Op 7 januari 2020 / Door
  • A hip guide to Heidelberg, Germany. Travel guide to Heidelberg, Germany |
    English 8

    A hip guide to Heidelberg, Germany

    Heidelberg, Germany is one to sweep you off your feet. The beautiful riverside setting, the baroque old town, the dramatic castle rising up from the town centre. No ...

    Op 12 augustus 2019 / Door
  • Istanbul hidden gems |
    English 4

    The hidden gems of Istanbul

    Don’t worry. I won’t tell you to skip the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia or Topkapi Palace during your city break in Istanbul. Because really, these are some amazing ...

    Op 2 juli 2019 / Door
  • Explore Bruges like a local |
    English 10

    Explore Bruges like a local

    When dreaming of a picturesque place, Bruges quickly springs to mind. There’s a special charm to this small, old town. Bruges has become quite the destination for day ...

    Op 5 maart 2019 / Door
  • Ghent, Belgium | Top things to do in Ghent, Belgium
    English 15

    Ghent, Belgium: discover the city in 7 steps

    At first glance, Belgiums Ghent is a charming old city with antique houses, a winding network of canals, beautiful medieval churches, cobblestoned squares and fortresses. But those who ...

    Op 26 februari 2019 / Door
  • Getting lost in Fez, Morocco |
    English 19

    Getting lost in Fez

    Fes, and especially the Medina, stimulates all your senses. The maze of narrow lanes and souks are bursting at the seams with leather shops, bakeries, piles and piles ...

    Op 8 november 2018 / Door
  • 48 hours in Prague, spend a weekend in Prague |
    English 6

    A perfect weekend in Prague

    How to spend 48 hours in Prague Some say Prague is prettier than Paris. And yes, the rolling hills full of vineyards, dozens of viewpoints watching over spiralling ...

    Op 19 september 2018 / Door
  • Dublin for free: Dublin, Ireland, on a budget |
    Dublin 4

    Dublin for free: 9 creative budget tips

    Looking for a budget friendly destination in Europe? Then Dublin won’t be in your Top 10. The capital of the Emirald Isle is not exactly known for being ...

    Op 5 mei 2018 / Door
  • Street art in 5 undiscovered cities of Portugal |
    English 9

    Street art in 5 undiscovered cities of Portugal

    From the rolling waves of the Atlantic to the high mountains of Serra da Estrela, the centre of Portugal has something for everyone: from swimmers and surfers to ...

    Op 25 juni 2017 / Door
  • Spend a perfect day in Porto, 24 hours in Porto |
    English 8

    Spend a perfect day in Porto

    Porto is the second largest city of Portugal and still in the shadow of big sister Lisbon. But while the masses discover the Portuguese capital, Porto is still ...

    Op 22 maart 2017 / Door
  • A craft beer guide to Cape Town, what to taste and where to taste it |
    English 7

    A craft beer guide to Cape Town

    Cape Town, The Mother City of South Africa and home to beautiful gardens, splendid vineyards, cool beaches, hipster neighbourhoods, excellent restaurants and craft beer. Over the last couple ...

    Op 27 oktober 2016 / Door
  • Discover Madrid: fun neighborhoods |
    English 4

    Discover Madrid: fun neighborhoods

    To be fair, Madrid hasn’t got the immediate ‘wow’ effect that for example Rome, Paris or Barcelona have. Madrid doesn’t have an Eiffel Tower, dazzling Gaudí buildings or ...

    Op 5 december 2015 / Door
  • Budapest: the best cafés and restaurants |
    English 5

    Budapest: the best cafés and restaurants

    Going to Budapest on a gourmet trip. Yes, you heard it. I am talking about Hungarian cuisine. When you think about booking a city break to Budapest, a ...

    Op 14 oktober 2015 / Door
  • Amazing Germany: 4 surprising cities, Trier, Freiburg, Koblenz and Osnabrück |
    English 3

    Amazing Germany: 4 surprising cities

    When planning a city break in Germany it’s easy enough not to look any further than the lively metropoles that are Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. But it’s just ...

    Op 26 augustus 2015 / Door
  • Utrecht The Netherlands, what to do in Utrecht The Netherlands |
    English 3

    Utrecht, a real Dutch city

    It’s very easy to write about Utrecht and tell you how great the city is, a little too easy. Because, I am so biased. Utrecht is my hometown ...

    Op 12 mei 2015 / Door